For Families

Our Process


Inquire With Us

Fill out your online application and meet with us for a personal interview. This step gives you the opportunity to narrow down your requirements and thoroughly explain your family’s schedule, priorities, and needs.


Search for a Nanny

Being a reliable family child care provider, we will explore our network of nannies to source the perfect fit based on your application and your family’s specific lifestyle needs. We will ensure that each candidate demonstrates responsibility, trustworthiness, and a passion for childcare that successfully matches what you’re looking for.


Select a Nanny

We will share a selection of the best qualified nanny profiles that include third-party FCRA compliant background screening checks and training certificates (if applicable). From there, we will schedule individual interviews between you and each nanny, as well as address any of your questions or concerns you may have.


Hire a Nanny

After selecting a nanny that meets your family’s criteria, we will guide you through the final hiring process. This begins with a recommended paid trial so that you and the nanny can become well-acquainted. Following this, we will assist you in creating a detailed agreement that includes work schedules, job responsibilities, compensation (including overtime considerations), paid time off and holidays, additional benefits (if applicable), tax withholding responsibilities, confidentiality, and grounds for termination.


Continued Support

We will continue to support you and your nanny. Whether you require additional assistance in creating a mutually beneficial schedule or wish to improve communication, being your committed family child care firm, we ensure the best experience for everyone involved. 

Our Fee Structure

Hourly rates vary based on work experience, skill, education, proficient language, and the level of responsibility. Based on our network of qualified nannies who especially undergo child care training, gross hourly rates typically range between $25 to $30 and up.

We facilitate an in-depth interviewing process for nannies, performing thorough background checks and ensuring that we are providing the best fit. For this reason, there is a one-time, non-refundable engagement fee of $400 to initiate the nanny search. In the event that you choose to move forward with a hire, this fee will be credited toward your placement fee.

For long-term, live-out placements (three months or more) and long-term live-in placements, the fee is 15% of the nanny’s gross annual salary. For temporary placements (one to three months) the fee is 20% of the nanny’s gross earnings during the work period. If the arrangement does not work out, we will offer a complimentary nanny replacement within 90 days of the existing nanny’s first day of work.