Who We Are

At Chelsea Nanny, our mission is to build foundational relationships between families and nannies to provide the highest standard of care for their children. We take the necessary steps to ensure that our nannies and the families we work with always feel valued, safe, and in good hands.

Our Why

The early stages of childhood are the most vital for children to grow and succeed. At Chelsea Nanny, we are committed to connecting experienced, empathetic nannies with families who value the role they play in their children’s lives and within their home. We dedicate our time to supporting both nannies and families in developing mutually beneficial relationships built on trust, appreciation and authentic communication. The children of today are the adults of the future and our goal is to take part in developing a generation of loving, kind and intelligent people.

Chelsea Nanny Support

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Our Values

Chelsea Nanny is committed to shifting the landscape of the nanny industry. We believe in cultivating genuine relationships between families, nannies, and children that prioritize trust and accountability.



Unconditional Love

Nourishment & Care

Working together to create happy and healthy lives for your children.